Module 3, week 6

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Interactive visualisation

During this course we did multiple assignments to get to know the program better. For example, we made a glass to practise with textures and lighting settings. We animated an object and the camera as well. So finally we had to combine all those skills and knowledge to create our own design. I decided to make Olaf from Frozen, because this way it’s easier to create the correct shapes in the right proportions. The photos and the animation are at the bottom of this page.



After a lot of googling, brainstorming and discussing we came up with a top 5 of subjects. For each subject we chose the best concept we had. This was our result:

  1. Movement which the sensor has to compensate
  1. Sensor copies a movement
  1. Movement created by people
  1. Movement created by a machine
  1. Balance

During a meeting with Xsens we explained all the ideas so they could tell us their preference. These two concepts were the best:

  1. The fountain which will spin a transparent ball, where the sensor will be placed in.
  2. the balancing pen

The balancing pen doesn’t give a lot of interesting data though, so we’re asked to focus on the spinning ball idea. So that’s what we’re doing right now.

Designing in Context

We had our first foam workshop, where I made a bottle/binocular. Because the assignment was to design an extension of the body which you can use to point with, look through or steer with. Furthermore we made a lot of mood boards to understand our target group better and to make our vision about this group clear to others.

interactive visualization



Designing in context

Foam workshop result