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The study association of CreaTe, named Proto, is divided into several committees. I’m in the Photography committee and in a committee who organises the annual sailing weekend, LeeHo. In the first weekend of June we went to the Morra with 24 Protomembers. We had a great weekend with lovely people, great sailing weather and a lot of fun. I did not only partly organised this weekend with LeeHo, but I also made pictures during the weekend, just as an after movie. Below you can find some of the picturesI took and the short promo film of course.

So enjoy and LeeHo with your flamingo! (that was the theme of the weekend)

Sailingweekend2016-106 Sailingweekend2016-108 Sailingweekend2016-110 Sailingweekend2016-93 Sailingweekend2016-42 Sailingweekend2016-118