Gogbot festival

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The post-singularity is coming, and humanity is not going to stop it. Robots will outsmart, outlive and outperform users in ways we can’t imagine. Humanity will perish under the might of thousands upon thousands of hyperintelligent supercomputers set on destroying everything we stand for.

Or will we? The post-singularity is often portrayed as a negative thing, a tipping point where everything will go downhill for us humans. This does not have to be the case. There are many wonderful things about the event that deserve to be highlighted. This project is meant to show the world at least a few of the positive consequences of this elusive event in the form of a marriage with an intelligent, human-like robot.

This marriage would show that smart robots don’t have to be scary or intimidating but rather another form of life inhabiting our planet. The robot would behave like a normal human and react positively and open-minded to every participant.

To demonstrate the installation, we created a short film which shows how the installation would look like. All the installations from the first years turned out really good, because every group is invited to the Gogbot festival.