Data Visualistion

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Data visualisation of Tourist buisiness in Japan between 2009 and 2013By Group 1; Thijs Berends,  Charonne Smit and Yvon GankemaThese graphs show information about the inbound tourism in Japan from 2009 until 2013 intro by Carlos MarquesIs the video not loading? Give the this Video of project a try. The sources:The bar graph  has been made using an adapted […]

Elective course on Communication and Global Work

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In a couple of weeks I will start a short elective course. In this 5 ECTS course, we explore issues, challenges, and opportunities facing workers, teams, and organizations working together across national boundaries. We consider the impact of geographic distance, time zones, language, and culture on the coordination of work. We will gain hands-on experience with […]

Next to CreaTe2

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While I actually should be busy studying for Smart Tech, I get a little distracted by some thoughts about the summer holidays. During this holiday I discovered how to use a GoPro with which I experimented a little. I also did a lot windsurfing that summer, so I decided to combine it and just filmed […]

Gogbot festival

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The post-singularity is coming, and humanity is not going to stop it. Robots will outsmart, outlive and outperform users in ways we can’t imagine. Humanity will perish under the might of thousands upon thousands of hyperintelligent supercomputers set on destroying everything we stand for.Or will we? The post-singularity is often portrayed as a negative thing, […]

Next to CreaTe

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The study association of CreaTe, named Proto, is divided into several committees. I’m in the Photography committee and in a committee who organises the annual sailing weekend, LeeHo. In the first weekend of June we went to the Morra with 24 Protomembers. We had a great weekend with lovely people, great sailing weather and a […]

Module 4, week 9

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module 4, called Have fun and play is the last module of the first year of CreaTe. It’s devided in four different courses:statistics, human factors, alogrithms and project. They’re all CreaTe courses, accept for human factors, this course is from Industrial Design.  This course is combined with project, which is an interesting combination.The module is almost over, […]

Result Motion Demonstrator XSens project

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If you don’t know where this project is about, first read a short explenation here: Future projectsSo the result of the project: The result is based on the Kugel Ball fountain. We made a transparent ball, where the sensor will be placed in. Water will spin the ball in different direction, by the use of […]

Module 3, week 6

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Interactive visualisationDuring this course we did multiple assignments to get to know the program better. For example, we made a glass to practise with textures and lighting settings. We animated an object and the camera as well. So finally we had to combine all those skills and knowledge to create our own design. I decided […]

Module 3, week 1

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A new module with new courses. The new module is called ‘Living and Working Tomorrow’. So we will learn about how to develop new ideas and how to turn those into good products. The new courses are designing courses and are called; Interactive Visualisation (3D modelling) and Designing in Context (for who are you designing). […]