Future projects

Here you can find all the projects where I’m working on at the moment.


  • Have fun and play

There’s an annual art-meets-technology festival in Enschede called ‘Gogbot’. Every year the festival has a different theme, which is ‘post singularity’ this year. Gogbot asked Creative Technology to design an interactive installation for this festival based on the theme.

The project is linked to another course of the module, namely Human Factors. This combination is made so the interaction and the interface of the installation will be tested and analysed. Because eventually 5 groups will be asked if they would like to really present their installation at the Gogbot festival.

  • Living and working tomorrow

This project is for a company called XSens, which is a company that works on connecting the physical and digital world around motion sensors. The project is to make a demonstration device that shows off the usability and accuracy of their sensors and software.

The goal of this project is to make a proof of concept, which XSens can use to make the actual demonstration device and take it to exhibitions. It should be an eye-catcher and attract people to their stand.

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